The Cheeseboard Collective

by Katie on November 1, 2012

Oh my, oh my! Do I have the place for you. This really might be the most delicious pizza I’ve ever, ever had. And this coming from a former East Coaster (I lived just an hour from the city) is a big deal I think. I stumbled upon The Cheeseboard Collective when I was milling around Berkeley one day when I first got here. I woke up freezing and bummed to see another foggy day up in our neighborhood, so I took my mom’s advice and hopped on the BART to soak up some sunshine on the Berkeley campus. I was strolling along Shattuck Ave., excited to catch a glimpse of Chez Panisse, when I saw a huge crowd outside of this restaurant.

I peeked inside and saw a fast moving line and happy customers picking up pizza, whole ones to stay, pizza to go, and individual slices too. They only make one pizza a day, always vegetarian, and they make a salad too. There’s room to sit at tables outside or inside and there’s usually a band playing live music, even in the middle of the afternoon.

It must have been my lucky day because it seemed all of my favorite things were on this pizza – figs! Blue cheese! Mounds of lemony arugula! I enjoyed my pizza and music and sat marveling over the gooey, cheesy slices. If you’re ever in Berkeley (or anywhere in the Bay area, really) make sure to stop for a meal here.

Cheese Board Pizza
1512 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA

LUNCH  11:30 – 3:00
DINNER  4:30 – 8:00
closed Sundays and Mondays 

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Bill Brossman November 1, 2012 at 8:52 am


I love Berkeley and your post took me back to many fond memories of you and I roaming around the shops. Great post.

Love you.


Euna Kwon December 17, 2012 at 7:57 am

And I remember that too… we loved Berkeley and still do. You and dad, sometimes with you in the baby backpack with your cute little face peeking out from the top, later with you toddling around on your very own legs. It is so neat that past and present can come together for you with this blog, and you can relate with new eyes about an old place.


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